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"Creating personal meditations to fit you" 


Meditations for Everyone ... is a culmination of many years of working with people from all walks of life and various Spiritual backgrounds.  In this time of world-wide transformation, it is important that we are all realizing a Beneficent Power that is available to us.  We may call this  power or presence by many different names; through meditation we realize this Higher Power to be within us and is that which cares for us and guides us wisely in our daily life situations.  This conscious connection allows us to face whatever life gives us wisely and creatively, with certainty and grace.


Meditation is an effective way of discovering, within each one of us, a true sense of balance, harmony and courage in any situation.  Some call it "silent prayer."


If you are interested in having a personal meditation coach to assist you in learning how to meditate, or fine tuning your present meditation, Let's Talk, and we can set up personal times to do this.


On this website I am happy to present to you various Guided Meditations to fit many different situations.  Listen to them for free and choose if there is one you would like to have to download for yourself.


See more about my Background and how it came to be that I got involved in this field - and Comments from those who have benefitted from our being together in Meditation Coaching and/or Meditation Workshops.




Enjoy this eyes-open meditation ...