Background ... 


"Being a living example of courage, certainty, harmony and unconditional love no matter what comes and goes in our life 

is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves,

and in so doing a gracious gift is naturally given

to everyone in our life." 



Meditations for Everyone was inspired as a way to assist anyone in awakening to and realizing a beneficent power that is within us all; which is the source of true love, peace, harmony, creativity, power, and confidence even in the midst of apparent difficulties.  


This idea - Meditations for Everyone - gradually developed over many years as a result of my affiliation with a meditation retreat center called AHAM where I was the Co-founder and served as Executive Director for 32 years (1978 - 2010). This included being involved in establishing two AHAM centers, one in North Carolina and one in Tiruvannamalai, S. India; as well as creating an entire curriculum of spiritual and meditation programs. This also included developing programs to train program facilitators. However, the key factor which was instrumental in allowing the AHAM project to come into being was our total reliance on this beneficent Presence through a spiritual and meditation practice, which drew all the people and resources to AHAM that were needed for its development.  This proved to be true over and over again. 


After retiring from AHAM in 2010, I continued with my spiritual and meditation practice.  Meditations for Everyone began to emerge in April 2014 as a way to connect with the Higher Power or Source, from within, in a way that is compatible for "everyone."  It actually began as a result of conversations with friends and creating meditations to fit different circumstances.  So, this community in which I am surrounded everyday close by and abroad  has been, and continue to be, my inspiration for this idea to create meditations that compliment our daily life situations. For example: for kids and teens to release anxiety and stress; for Mom's to prepare for their baby's birth; for those who want to merge into the Presence of Christ; for those who are interested in Self-Inquiry and Non-duality; for those who are assisting a loved one, and themselves, in how to live through the dying experience; for those who simply want to discover the Source of calm and creativity within ... and many more.  It is an organic process, so there will be a continuation of meditations being added onto this site on a regular basis.


You can get in touch with me by email in  Let's Talk  for any questions you have to obtain further information regarding personal meditation coaching - to create a meditation that works for your personal or professional situation or to personally train you in how to meditate.  


The "Comments" section gives you an opportunity to hear from the folks who have already benefitted from these guided meditations or have participated in meditation programs and experienced meditation coaching.


I look forward to meeting you and being with is my honor and delight. 


~ Elizabeth Young  

    (formerly, Elizabeth MacDonald)