Christmas  Meditations


Jesus … the Reason for the Season 


We invite you to experience the true “reason for the season”

and connect, here and now with Christ’s Presence within us all. 


Through Contemplative Prayer and Meditation …

We can directly experience what happened 2000 years ago, 

here and now, within us.

A guided meditation for Advent season

to prepare for His Holy Birth within us:  "Awaiting the Birth"




A guided meditation to give birth

to Jesus' Holy Christ Presence within us:  “Breath of Heaven”





Music to bring forth a "Festival of Lights" this Holy Season:

(By The New Troubadours)

Let us pray



Lord, may I always remain aware of your Radiant Christ Presence

   within me, 


Jesus, may I always know my breath is always one with your breath ...

   as the breath of Heaven.


Lord Jesus, continue to lighten my darkness and fill me

   with inspiration and hope.


Lord Jesus, I will remain faithful to your Loving Presence within me ... 

   always and forever more.  


Thank you, Jesus.  Thank you.