It was lovingly brought to my attention - in order for those folks who have not experienced a guided meditation with me, or participated in any trainings or personal coaching in meditation - it might be helpful to have comments from those who have.  This section is set aside for these comments.  I welcome your comments at any time - please send by email in the Let's Talk section of this website.  



Thank you for sharing your experience with me.   It is fulfilling to know that this work is assisting you in some way and it is encouraging to others to hear about your experience with meditation and how it has empowered you.




"I have known Elizabeth Young (formerly Elizabeth MacDonald) for 20 years.  For six of those years, I studied and practiced meditation in workshops under her expert guidance.  At the time, she was the head trainer at the AHAM Retreat Center in Asheboro, N.C.  The influence of her powerful instruction remains with me to this day."


"What makes Elizabeth’s training different from other meditation teachers I have studied with is one important factor: experience.  Many instructors are able to intellectually describe what meditation is and can explain various traditions and techniques.  This has value only as an introduction.   When Elizabeth teaches meditation, she creates an environment, within which the student can actually experience and know what meditation is.  For example she led an introduction to meditation weekend workshop that I attended where everyone had an experience of what meditation was for them.  That is rare!"


"Elizabeth has a deep and subtle awareness. She is able to emanate and transmit this refined consciousness to her students. This is because love is at the core of her presence.  Love shines wherever she is!"


"I highly recommend Elizabeth to anyone who is seeking a skilled instructor to teach the art of meditation experience. .  She has what it takes!"



Rev. Bill Wilson

Unity Minister

Gilroy, California





"Since our call I did browse your website which is simply beautiful!!  You seemed to say so much with so few words -  each word feels perfect.  I also listened to two of your guided meditations and it feels like your voice is truly your gift Elizabeth!! 


 I just now finished listening to non-duality meditation.  Wow! such crystal clear clarity coming through, 100% Being IT was felt -- such excellent quality.  The other one I listened to was Jesus coming into Jerusalem - also very beautiful.   Can't wait to listen to the rest!" 


Melinda Bern

Hospice Nurse

Roanoke, Virginia





Elizabeth is a person whose spiritual endeavors are for the benefit of everyone. It is a selfless life in the recognition of true Oneness or Unity.  This is the Elizabeth I have known.  She is a beacon-a guiding light, who has helped to draw out my own personal realization of the living Truth through meditation and conscious contemplation.


Many religious ascetics withdraw from society to seek enlightenment.   But not Elizabeth.  It is as if she is there standing with you,  with one hand resting gently on your shoulder, to help you draw out your own inner strength and guidance, and to provide loving support.


Unlike many "teachers" who seem to come from a higher place, Elizabeth is there with you, in the thick of the experience, holding the Truth of what is so for everyone, while at the same time allowing you to find your own reality.


It is no longer necessary to travel to India to find Peace when a "guardian angel" is at your beck and call.


Joe Gagliano


Miami, Florida





I have known Elizabeth for over 5 years now and have had her in the role of a mentor and guide for most of that time.

Elizabeth has guided me through subtle areas within my meditation practice and has used her personal experience and intuition to lovingly point out cul de sacs and dead ends in my meditation practice. Her compassion and patience has been something which has allowed me to stay open during some challenging times.


Elizabeth has a unique and rare understanding of Self Inquiry among other methods of meditation and has a special way of being able to be present to deepen one's practice.


Having an experienced instructor is not only essential in the beginning but invaluable as we deepen our practice.  For me Elizabeth has played and continues to play an important role in my deepening

Thank you so much for your loving support Elizabeth!


Haiyan Khan


New Orleans





I looked at the web site, very nice, beautiful, it is so YOU, just perfect. 

Every Tuesday evening I still do my meditation circle, everyone can come, it goes for about an hour and usually I have around 15 people taking part in it.  Sometimes groups here at Ocean ask me if I do a meditation with them and the answer is always yes. 

I love to be able to meditate in a group and share my meditation experiences I had with you. Remember, you gave me some pointers on meditation (over ten years ago now). That’s how it all began. Thank you again for all your guidance, love and support.

Again congratulations on life and all which comes with it.

Lucas Stiefvater


Prior Owner of Oceans Resort


Vancouver Island, BC