Contemplative Prayer & Scripture


The Purpose of this series … 

is to awaken in our Heart and mind and soul 

the words of Jesus, as revealed in scripture,

through Contemplative Prayer & Meditation.


Be still and know …

(Created for a Prayer Group for September through December, 2019)

Here is a sermon "Our Heart is Our Treasure" that was given at The Church of the Holy Spirit in Portland, ME on August 11, 2019 which also includes a guided process.  We are reflecting on scripture from Luke 12:32-40.  This sermon sets the context for this contemplative prayer series:



"Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."


This is the guided meditation taken from the above sermon:








A workbook that was used in a weekly Prayer group.  Each week's lesson includes scripture and an application of the use of Contemplative Prayer in one's daily prayer time.  

Note:  This workbook will be included here when our program is finished in mid December 2019.



Session #One:  "The Greatest Commandments"

1.  "I Love You" Guided Meditation here ... 


Session #Two:   "A Circle of Love"

2.  "Circle of Love" Guided Meditation here ... 

Session #Three:  "Abiding"

3.  "Abide in Me" Guided Meditation here ... 

Session #Four:  "Abiding in God's Loving Presence as I AM"

4.  "Abiding in God's Loving Presence as I AM"

Session #Five:  "Living Waters"

5.  "Enlivened by Living Waters"

(Be sure to sit in silence after meditation ends to receive fully His Living Waters)

Session #Six:  "A Quiet Place"

6.   "A Quiet Place"

(Be sure to sit in silence after meditation ends to fully receive His Loving Presence)

Session #Seven:  "Centering Prayer"

7.   "Centering Prayer"

I Love You - 1. Contemplative Prayer 3.m
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Circle of Love.mp3
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Abide in Me
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Abiding in God's Loving Presence as I AM
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Enlivened by Living Waters.mp3
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Our Heart is Our Treasure 2.mp3
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Our Heart is Our Treasure.mp3
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The Quiet Place 1.mp3
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Centering Prayer 1.mp3
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