Contemplative  Prayer

In Contemplative or Reflective prayer, a transition of focus is being made so that we can become more in tune with our Lord’s Loving Presence within our Heart. From this depth of relationship, we are able to "be still and know" ... hear his Word, engage in prayerful conversation with Him and receive wise directions and choices for our daily life situations ... but most importantly we are able to merge with his Living Presence in our Heart.



Contemplative Prayer Workbook


How gently and lovingly you wake in my Heart,

where in secret you dwell alone,

and in your sweet breathing filled with good and glory,

how tenderly you swell with Love.”

~  St. John of the Cross

A workbook that was used in a weekly Prayer group.  Each week's lesson includes scripture and an application of the use of Contemplative Prayer in one's daily prayer time.  Click on the name in bold above to get access to the workbook.



The following are other various guided meditations using Contemplative Prayer & Scripture:

Contemplative Prayer:  


Holy Spirit: Breath of Heaven:  



Examen Prayer:  

Abiding in Christ's Presence:   


Contemplative Petitions: 




Enlivened by Living Waters:




The Quiet Place:     

Contemplative Prayer On Scripture:

A Contemplative Prayer & Meditation created to follow Sunday's Scripture and Sermon.  (Began March 2020)



John 4: 5-13       "Enlivened by Living Waters"          




John 9                "God's Redemptive Love & Grace"





John 11               "I Am the Resurrection"



Palm Sunday    "Opening Our Hearts"




Easter Sunday   "He Still Moves Stones"

John 20                "Peace Be With You"


Luke 24                 "Being With Jesus"

John 10: 1-10          "I Am The Good Shepherd"   





John 14: 1-14            "I AM the Way, the Truth, the Life ... 





John 14: 15-21           "Our Heart-felt Friend & Comforter





John 17: 1-11              "We Are One" 





John 7: 37-39             Pentecost: "God's Gifts For Us All" 






Matthew 28: 16-20    Trinity Sunday:                                        

                                    "In God's Eyes Everyone Matters" 



Matthew 10

& Romans 8              "His Eye Is On The Sparrow"                                                    




Matthew 10               "Amazing Grace"                                                     


Matthew 10: 37-42     "No Small Love"                                                      

Matthew 11: 16-30        "Come To Me"         

Matthew 13:  1-23         "The Word as Living Truth & Love"   





Matthew 13:  36-43        "Weeds & Seeds"         

Matthew  14: 13-21          "More Than A Meal"          


Matthew  15: 21-28          "A Living Example of Charity                        

                                            and Compassion"

Matthew  16: 13-20

& Romans 12                     "Who Do You Say I AM?"                

Matthew 16: 21-27

& Rom 12: 9-21   ​                "Being a Kingdom Son or Daughter " 






Matthew 18: 12-20              "Two or More are Gathered in My Name"  

Matthew 18: 21-35                "Graciousness & Forgiveness"    

Matthew 14: 22-30                "I AM - Fear Not"   






Matthew 5: 16                        "Let Your Light Shine"                 

& Phil 2: 1-4  

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Enlivened by Living Waters
00:00 / 11:20
I AM the Resurrection and the Life - Joh
God's Redemptive Love and Grace
Opening Our Hearts
He Still Moves Stones
Peace Be With You
00:00 / 16:12
Being with Jesus 2
I Am The Good Shepherd
I AM the Way, the Truth, the Life
Our Heart-felt Friend & Comforter
We Are One
God's Gifts For Us All
In God's Eyes Everyone Matters
His Eye Is On The Sparrow
No Small Love
Come To Me
The Word as Living Truth & Love
In All Things God Works for Good
More Than A Meal
A Living Example of Charity and Compassi
Who Do You Say I AM_
Being a Kingdom Son or Daughter
Two or More are Gathered in My Name
Graciousness & Forgiveness
I AM - Fear Not
Let Your Light Shine
Amazing Grace