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Being a living example of courage, 

certainty, harmony and unconditional love 

no matter what comes and goes in our life 

is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves,

and in so doing a gracious gift is naturally given 

to everyone in our life.

These E-Books are a culmination of my life’s work now presented in a way to experience our “greatest gift” and in turn pass our gift onto everyone in our life.  These writings were created over a period of time (2014 - 2018) through Meditations for Everyone -- from workshops, retreats, meditation coaching and writing blog messages

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Click on the title to access the e~book.  (It takes a moment to come up.)  As you are reading and you come to a guided meditation, click on the link and listen to the meditation to bring about a related experience of the written message.


Heart to Heart

Your Heart and my Heart are very old friends. 

~ Hafiz

A collection of messages and guided meditations inclusive of all backgrounds and spiritual cultures covering various daily situations in life.

Contemplative Prayer - Book One


How gently and lovingly you wake in my Heart,

where in secret you dwell alone,

and in your sweet breathing filled with good and glory,

how tenderly you swell with Love.”

~  St. John of the Cross

A workbook that was used in a weekly Prayer group.  Each week's lesson includes scripture and an application of the use of Contemplative Prayer in one's daily prayer time. 

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Note:  The following Guided Meditations Series includes written as well as recorded meditations to use personally or to guide others.  

Guided Meditations ~ Part One: ReSourcing

 “To Source” means to draw upon the Source.  

"ReSourcing" is to draw upon the Source again…to return…to regain…

to simply realize for ourselves that 

“Our Source is Our Resource.”  

Realizing Source of calm, courage, confidence, certainty and creativity within you.



In this collection of written guided meditations you are being guided to locate within you the Source out of which everything arises and into which everything returns.  Some call it Christ, others call it our True Self, the Heart, Awareness, Presence, Love, Consciousness.  

Guided Meditations ~ Part Two: Inquiry


“There is a fixed state — sleep, dream and waking states

are mere movements in it.

The pictures move on the screen, but do not affect it.

This is the true and natural state of being.”

~ Ramana Maharshi


This collection of creative writings is the Inquiry process originated from Ramana Maharshi of Arunachala, S. India and is the root process of all of my guided meditations — inquiring into our True Self nature.  When we use questioning in our meditation, we are opening to an experience of:

“I don’t know.” Now, through this opening the truth of who I AM arises into our awareness.

Guided Meditations ~ Part Three: Contemplative Prayer


Abide in me and I in you,

so that my Joy will be in you

and your joy may be complete.


This collection of creative writings leads one into Contemplative Prayer.   

In this "reflective prayer" a transition of focus is being made so that we can become more in tune with our Lord’s Loving Presence within our Heart. From this depth of relationship, we are able to

"be still and know" ... hear his Word, engage in prayerful conversation with Him and receive wise directions and choices for our daily life situations ... but most importantly we are able to merge with his Living Presence in the stillness of our Heart. 

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