Family  Meditations


There are vital areas in our family life that we focus on in these guided meditations to assist in creating harmony, balance and ease in daily life situations.  You may want Meditation Coaching to strengthen your connection with the Source to bring strength, courage and a calmness into your family situations - we can meet either over the phone, in person or on Skype.   Lets Talk and we can discover what might be the best way to assist you.



Preparing for Baby's Birth

The most precious gift we can give our newborn is a calm and relaxed

birthing process.  In this guided meditation, you are preparing your body,

mind and environment for your baby’s birth.  It is much like setting a stage

for something special to happen ahead of time creating a way to welcome

your child into the world, in a natural, loving and gentle way.  


Giving birth is a very natural process and as you relax into the flow of what

the body does naturally and spontaneously, this birthing process can actually

be a pleasant experience.  In taking time each day to listen to this process,

you will become so familiar with it, eventually you will be able to guide

yourself in the process through the various stages of preparation and

in giving birth itself.  This has been proved to be so for many.  

(21 min)


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Meditations for Little Ones ...



 These meditations were created to help a little one relax and drift off to sleep.  

It was inspired by my grandchild.


Mermaid Meditation:

You may listen to this meditation for free here:  




Fairy Meditation:

You may listen to this meditation for free here: