Living through Dying Series


This Living through Dying Series gives you and

your family an opportunity, through guided meditations,

to be with your loved one as you are all facing

death together: 

... Letting go of fear as we meet death together

... Awakening acceptance and love

... Also, in the sensitive time during your loved one's

passing, being with them - Heart to Heart.  

...The final meditation assists in a process of 

gentle releasing during the time of bereavement.



Let's Talk if you would like to have personal

Meditation Coaching so that we can walk together

in this very sensitive time and/or if you would like

for me to create a meditation that fits for you more

personally.  We can meet either over the phone,

in person or on Skype.



Meeting DeathTogether


Consideration is given to preparing the “outer space” as well as the “inner space” in order to create a comfortable and safe “sacred space” for the one facing death and all involved.  This “sacred space” allows for the beginning stages of letting go and surrender which is needed at a time like this.


In this guided meditation, you will be gently brought into a calming presence that is your own inner resource.  You will be shown how to access this resource any time you need to that supports you and your loved ones at this time.  It is suggested to play this CD along with your loved one(s) to continue to bring forth this “inner” sacred space.  It can also be a way to begin to open up this sensitive subject and talk about it together.  (20 min)


You may listen to this meditation for free here:                      




Letting Go of Fear - Opening to Love & Acceptance


Death can be discovered as something not to be feared but a natural aspect of living.  This said, it is easier said than done.  Yes, we know we have to take responsibility for what is coming up in us while we experience the many emotions and mental chatter that comes while facing death.  Being clear and forgiving yourself and another is a very supportive thing to do at this sensitive time.  


In the olden days, when most people died at home, family members and friends would take turns “sitting vigil” at the bedside of the actively dying loved one, holding their hand or tending to their immediate needs.  This can be a very special time of opening to love and letting go of fear.



In this guided meditation, you will access an inner place of courage and love that has no fear, and gently relax into this calm, cool center of peace within you.  From this place of courage and love you will be able to give permission to “let go” and even be able to share this with your loved one, while accepting the inevitable for yourself.  (24 min)


You may listen to this meditation for free here:                      




Being With Your Loved One - Heart to Heart  


Many people do not realize that the time immediately following death is a significant time of transition for the one who just died as well as for family and friends.  It is very important to be able to be with your loved one in a sacred and meaningful way at this time – one that is comfortable for you and your family. Sitting with them, talking with them, expressing your feelings – are all ways of honoring this transitional phase of death.



Using this guided meditation at this time allows for everyone to silently make this connection with the loved one who has just passed away, as a way of “living through” the transition of death of the body and begin to accept and receive the Presence that is Eternal and Infinite – the Deathless Spirit – or whatever you might call it that fits your religious or spiritual background.  (25 min)


You may listen to this meditation for free here:                      







The Bereavement Meditation


It takes time to move through the bereavement process after your loved one has passed on.  There is a genuine feeling of being deprived of their bodily presence.  You may have moved on and accepted to some degree that they are in a better place or they are no longer suffering.  That’s good; whatever has comforted you thus far.  It is very common to be still missing them being there with you in your life as they were before.  


In this guided meditation, you will have an opportunity to dive into the ocean of Love that you and your beloved share.  This Love is now and will always be there between you, in your Heart.  In this process, anything that is still left in the grieving process is given permission to be there as it melts into this Love that you are and share together.

(20 min)


You may listen to this meditation for free here: