Living through Divorce Series

Guided Processes - to ease the effects of divorce - for the whole family


Divorce can be a very challenging time for the entire family.  This series of guided

processes were created to assist you in the area of self care for you and your children

as you are living through your divorce.   


This entire series was written for an organization here in Maine, Kid 's First, 

which is dedicated to assisting in easing the effects of divorce for the entire family.  

Simply press the arrow under each title and listen.


Let's Talk if you would like to have assistance at this very sensitive time with 

Meditation Coaching, and/or if you would like for me to create a meditation

that fits for your situation, personally.  Also,  Meditation Training is available

for individuals and groups to learn these meditations directly. 

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 Quiet on the Inside

“Self-Care for Kids of Divorced Parents”


Sometimes its hard to keep yourself organized and together when you live in two homes.  Sometimes its really hard to feel it’s ok to love both your Mom and your Dad, when they don’t seem to get along like they used to.  Sometimes its hard to have divorced parents.  There is a way to deal with this by finding a place inside of you that is quiet and peaceful no matter what is happening on the outside.


Did you know that everyone has a quiet peaceful place inside of them?  In this guided process, you will be finding that place of Quiet on the Inside within you. (15 min)  


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Calming the Storm

“Self-Care for Divorced Parents”


Going through a divorce is not easy.  It is always very stressful.  Are there feelings of guilt from “I could have done something better” or “it’s so hard on the kids and family”?  Are you projecting on yourself for the failure of the marriage?  Whatever you are holding it is important for you to be able to release these feelings through an intentional self-care program, so that you are in a strong place to live through the stress of a divorce.  This is how you can help your family the most.


In this guided process, you will be given a way to release the stress you are experiencing, right here, right now - and calm the storm - by locating, within you, the “eye in the center of the storm,” which is absolutely still and free of any outside pressures.  


Listening to this process guides you into this place of strength - of peace and calm within you.  You will also be learning how to access this for yourself, to reduce the stress you experience as you are in the process of living through this divorce experience, on a day to day basis.  (19 min)  


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Drop Your Baggage

“Having Clear & Sensitive Communications With Your Kids”


In a divorce, each parent experiences a certain amount of hurt feelings and old baggage from the past coming up.  It is important that the children, especially, do not have to carry the brunt of this process.  Each parent is responsible to “drop their baggage” and not bring it into their conversations with their kids.  This can be very painful and confusing for them.  


In this guided process, you will have an opportunity to “drop your baggage” and continue to have clear and sensitive communications with your kids.  (17 min)  


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Non-Reactive Communication

“Remaining centered and respectful with your children’s other parent”


One of the major challenges, after a divorce, is to remain centered and respectful - only allowing words that invite co-operation - while communicating with your children’s other parent.  


In this process you will learn how to stay centered and calm - to be able to not get upset in the midst of a conversation - and not allow another to define who you are as a parent.  This allows you to also be able to be careful and intentional in your language, no matter what the other parent is saying or doing.


At the end of the day you can feel good with yourself when you check in and ask yourself, “Was I the personal I wanted to be with the children’s other parent?”  (24 min)


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