Personal   Meditation Coaching

"Creating a Meditation to fit you"




You may want to learn how to meditate on your own or fine tune the practice you are now in.  I can assist you through Personal Meditation Coaching no matter where you are in the world.


Something unique that I do is create a meditation that fits for you and compliments what nourishes your body, mind and soul..  


Here's how it works:  We talk on SKYPE and it becomes clear to me as to what meditation process would work for your personal situation in life and compliments your spiritual lifestyle.  It is then recorded and sent to you.  As your Meditation Coach, we would follow up on a regular basis in order for you to learn the process yourself and incorporate it into your daily life situations.  


If this interests you, Let's Talk by email so we can begin,


If you are a Therapist or Social Worker, you may be interested in

how I might assist you with Therapeutic Meditation Guidance.



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