Meditations Created for Personal Situations


The following meditations were created specifically for personal situations.


If you would like to have a personal meditation created for you 

Let's Talk and we can come together and I will adapt one especially

for you.  You may also be interested in Meditation Coaching

as a way for you to learn meditation on a one-on-one basis - 

being with you in your practice either over the phone, in person

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Opening Up To Infinite Possibilities

Is there a time in your life when you are met with what seems

to be an impossible situation that requires something new

and innovative?  Are you being required to "get outside of the box"  

and be open to something bigger than yourself to solve the problem?  


This meditation process allows you to shift to the creative source

within you, and open up to a place of infinite possibilities,  

so that you can successfully navigate through the challenges

which life gives you.  (22 min)


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Fierce Grace at Work - I Am All In!

“Our God is a consuming fire.  And if we, by love, become transformed into Him and burn as He burns, His fire will be our everlasting joy.”  The words of Thomas Merton.


This “consuming fire” is what we might call “fierce Grace.”  It is when we are all in … vulnerable … diving deep and humbly surrendering our past conditioning into this fire of transformation - willing to burn it completely in His Grace.


It is advised to have a journal to keep an inventory and write down the areas that you see are blocking your way.  To “clean house” - so to speak - as a gradual, and thorough, step by step process.  This process calls for you to address each item on the list, on at a time, to shift into transformation.


In this meditation process, you will have an opportunity to first connect with the Source - the Presence - within you.  Seeing from this perspective, you have the courage to openly receive and neutralize whatever is standing in the way of your full participation in life.  What remains?  This “everlasting joy” that is God’s Loving Presence, within you.  (24 min)


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Honoring Our Authentic Self

There are times in our lives when we lose sight of what is true and real for us.  Our situations in life have drawn our attention away from the Source of wisdom within us, and we find it difficult to access our authentic self to make our choices based on what is best for ourselves and all concerned.


This guided process gives you an opportunity to access the Source of Wisdom within you; relaxing any stress or strain involved; and opens up what is authentic and real for you.  You will then go forward in your life with a fresh and true perspective, filled with certainty, confidence and creativity - honoring your authentic self each step of the way.

(30  min)


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In The Midst Of Life … Discovering the Divine Shining Through


In the midst of life’s daily ups and downs there comes a time when we get it that … “I want to stay on and stay connected to a calm, quiet pool of peace, within me, no matter what is happening around me” … and we truly get the significance of “keeping the Heart open to whatever is, as it is.”  This is a turning point in our lives when we realize that it really is up to me to make this a priority. 


Life is this simple: 

we are living in a world that is absolutely transparent

and the divine is shining though it all the time.

This is not just a nice story or a fable, it is true.

~ Thomas Merton


In this guided meditation, a wise choice is made as to where to put your attention.  Instead of letting your attention go wherever it wants to go, your attention is directed within, into a calm, quiet pool of peace - discovering this “divine shining through.”  Learn a way to continue making this precious connection throughout your daily activities as you use this meditation each day. (29 min)


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