ReSourcing Meditations


“To Source” means to draw upon the Source.  "ReSourcing" is to draw upon the Source again…to return…to regain…to simply realize for ourselves that “Our Source is Our Resource."  Realize a Source of calm, courage, confidence, certainty and creativity within you.


These ReSourcing Meditations are two complimentary processes.   When utilized on a regular basis, you will access a Source that is already here and always available within you and many creative possibilities can then be applied in practical and positive ways in your life.


Meditation Coaching is available to be personally trained on this meditation process - being with you in your practice either over the phone, in person or on Skype - and/or for group training workshops.



ReSourcing - Returning to the Source

This meditation guides you, step by step, to access the Source

within you; re-establishing a connection with what is at the core

of all creativity, courage, confidence, certainty and calm. 

Once re-connected, all movement and direction in life is made

from this base - from the Source - which is naturally within

everyone.  It is that which is energizing and giving life to all

that we are, all that we do, and eventually all that we have in life.  

(20 min)


You may listen to this meditation for free here:                      




ReSourcing - In Life Situations

This guided meditation helps us to transcend situations

in our lives and draw upon our infinite resources in order to

move forward with creative solutions ...

one that is all inclusive and a win-win for all concerned.


It can be used for something that is calling for completion

or expression in your daily life.  For example: a situation

in relationship - or for a loved one who is experiencing pain

or hardship - or in answering and following your own calling in life.   

(20 min)


You may listen to this meditation for free here: