Therapeutic Meditation Guidance

For Therapists & Social Workers 


I have facilitated meditation training and meditation coaching for over 35 years in individual, group and educational settings.  And, have worked with clients from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds, and many of them  were simultaneously engaged with a professional therapist.  The combination of meditation and psychotherapy has been effective for many people.  It has often resulted in clients being more open to the therapeutic process; as well as helping reduce resistance, deepening insight, and expanding awareness.


I am able to personalize and provide meditation techniques that you could use with your clients. These personalized meditations support the therapeutic process as a supplement between counseling sessions to assist clients with further processing on their own what is being worked on during the course of therapy.  I encourage you to consider these services as a helpful adjunct to the work you do as a therapist with adults, teens and children.  Some selections created for other therapists and social workers are available under Therapeutic Meditations for adults and the Relaxing & Releasing Stress & Anxiety Series for teens and children. 


I am also available for professional meditation coaching for therapists, and others in helping professions.  Combining meditation with other therapeutic techniques may maximize your efforts in your profession.


If you are interested and have any questions or would like further information Let's Talk.  I look forward to being with you.