Therapeutic Meditations


These meditations are specifically designed to compliment

any personal, spiritual or professional program.


 Meditation Coaching is available - being with you in

your practice either over the phone, in person or on Skype.   

Let's Talk if you would like for me to assist you in bringing

these processes into your daily life and/or creating

a meditation that fits you exactly. 



For therapists and other professionals ...

Diaphragmatic Breathing in conjunction

with The Processing Meditation are very beneficial

to use as a supplement between counseling sessions to assist clients during the course of therapy.  You may also be interested in finding out more about conducting these meditations yourself through my Therapeutic Meditation Guidance.  




Diaphragmatic Breathing

Using Diaphragmatic Breathing is a natural way to remain calm in any stressful situation. Breathing full and deep into the stomach brings more oxygen into the system and helps relax the entire body and mind.  It can also help to release the stress in the body and open us up to a deep sense of peace which can be found within us.  This can empower a person to face a difficult situation with strength, courage and an open curiosity.  (18 min)


You may listen to this meditation for free here:                      





Diaphragmatic Breathing is used as a compliment

with The Processing Meditation.  





Processing Meditation

It is known that disturbing experiences and traumas from the past can negatively impact us and be compounded when they are repeatedly re-experienced over and over again, until they are processed and perceived from a different cognitive and emotional frame of reference going forward.  The Processing Meditation is used to mindfully release the impact of these past experiences so that you can be open to constructive perceptions and ways to live life more fully, peacefully, and effectively; which can also enhance your authentic self to be manifested.  (22 min)


You may listen to this meditation for free here:                      






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